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10 Ways to Repurpose An Old Tablet

child with ipad tablet

Did you upgrade your tablet this holiday season? If you purchased or were gifted the latest and greatest device, don’t just toss out your old one, especially if it just needs some minor fixing. Instead, let the repair experts in Houston fix it so you can repurpose it into something that will continue to serve you Read More of “10 Ways to Repurpose An Old Tablet”

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How to Get Your iPhone to Connect to Wi-Fi

iphone showing wifi signal

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to watch a video or send a tweet, but you can’t get your phone to connect to your Wi-Fi. Don’t use up all of your data, and don’t rush in to get it repaired. Before you bring it to the iPhone repair experts at LifeLine Repairs in Peachtree City, Read More of “How to Get Your iPhone to Connect to Wi-Fi”

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5 of the Best Photo Editing Apps

photo editing apps

The abundance of modern photo editing programs is both a blessing and a curse. Photographers have a wide range of inexpensive options to touch up their photos, but choosing among those options is getting increasingly difficult. Instead of wading through all of the hundreds of photo apps available to you, check out some of our Read More of “5 of the Best Photo Editing Apps”

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Android Lends BlackBerry a Helping Hand

android and blackberry

For years, tech and business experts have predicted the decline of BlackBerry, pointing to the company’s failure to improve upon past successes. Thanks to its recent partnership with Android, these predictions may prove false. BlackBerry’s History of Smartphone Sales BlackBerry is currently suffering from a lack of consumer interest in its products, which has cost Read More of “Android Lends BlackBerry a Helping Hand”

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6 Tips for Keeping Your WiFi Fast This Holiday Season

keep your wifi fast

Everyone knows the struggle that is slow and lagging internet when you get one too many apps and devices all vying for the same bandwidth. This holiday season, be ready for the Wi-Fi rush and use these tips to make sure your internet speeds don’t slow down. 6 Tips for Keeping Your WiFi Fast This Read More of “6 Tips for Keeping Your WiFi Fast This Holiday Season”

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Control Your Christmas Tree Lights With Your Smartphone

control your christmas tree lights

Have you been wanting to change things up this holiday season? Tired of the same old decorations you put up year after year? Why not add an unexpected element to your tree by controlling your lights from your smartphone? It may sound complicated, but you can do it yourself! Check out this guide to controlling Read More of “Control Your Christmas Tree Lights With Your Smartphone”

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Best Tech Gifts for Mom and Dad This Holiday Season

tech gifts for mom and dad

Tech gifts are not just for the kids; there are some amazing tech gifts that are perfect for both mom and dad this holiday season. Surprise your parents this year with some of the hottest tech gifts on the market. Tech Gifts for Mom Grid-IT!: For the mom that is already tech savvy, why not Read More of “Best Tech Gifts for Mom and Dad This Holiday Season”

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A Guide to YouTube Red

YouTube Red

If you’re an avid YouTube viewer, you’ve probably heard that the company released its new paid service: YouTube Red. YouTube Red is a paid subscription service that runs completely ad-free. Read on to learn more. YouTube Red Facts and Features In exchange for a monthly fee of $9.99, users are guaranteed no pop-ups, opening ads, Read More of “A Guide to YouTube Red”

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5 Apps That Will Simplify Your Holiday Travel

best travel apps

It’s wonderful to spend time during the holiday season with friends and family, but if you have to travel to get there, it can be a really stressful time. Instead of dealing with traffic, parking delays and other travel-related headaches, check out some of our favorite apps that make traveling easier and the holiday time Read More of “5 Apps That Will Simplify Your Holiday Travel”

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Tech Gift Guide: Kid Edition

tech gifts for kids

This holiday season, get your kids or nieces and nephews the tech gifts they’ve been asking for all year. Books and toys are always great choices, but don’t overlook the awesome tech gifts available for kids of all ages. Here are a few of our favorite tech gifts for kids: 2015 Tech Gift Guide for Read More of “Tech Gift Guide: Kid Edition”