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Should You Repair or Replace Your Cracked Screen iPhone?

The iPhone is quite easily one of the best inventions known to mankind. Apple rarely fails to amaze, but they took their creative abilities to a whole new level with the launching of their now-famous smartphone line a few years back. And the models keep getting better and better! Just when you think they cannot Read More of “Should You Repair or Replace Your Cracked Screen iPhone?”

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iPad Air Screen Repair Service

With all of the expensive mobile devices that people carry around these days, you think they would be more careful. Smartphones and some tablets comfortably fit in our pockets and most are well worth over a few hundred dollars, yet as fate would have it, breakage never fails to occur. Although sleek and equipped with Read More of “iPad Air Screen Repair Service”

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Have You Seen Our iPhone 5c Repair Video?

Here at LifeLine Repairs, we’ve seen and done pretty much every possible repair for your smartphone or other mobile device. We have learned a lot thanks to these extensive repairs, and we want to share some of that knowledge with the rest of the world by making informative videos to share on our YouTube channel. Read More of “Have You Seen Our iPhone 5c Repair Video?”

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Samsung’s latest foray into the Android smartphone market is the Galaxy S5. Each of our experts in cell phone repair in Atlanta has had a chance to experience the new S5, and here’s what we think about it.

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Coming Soon, You’ll Be Able to Buy and Sell Your Devices from Our Website

Since the initial launch of smartphones, it seems every couple of months a new model is coming out. Since there are plenty of consumers out there who simply have to the latest and greatest, there are also millions of unused devices collecting dust that are actually worth quite a bit of money. 

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Are Our Smartphones Getting Smarter?

There’s no question that with each generation, our smartphones are becoming smarter and smarter. However, our Atlanta iPhone repair technicians do wonder how far these advances will go and how quickly we can expect real innovation. 2013 saw a notable leap with the iPhone 5s’ fingerprint scanner, but what’s next?

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Tech Reviews: Best Small Tablet Display for 2014

Tablets keep getting smaller and smaller. After a few years of redesigns, the newest models sport screen sizes comparable to a smartphone “phablet.” The mobility factor has been reigning supreme as of late, as is evidenced by more and more lightweight devices that are intended to be ultra-portable.  Slim and Powerful: The New Tablet Era Read More of “Tech Reviews: Best Small Tablet Display for 2014″

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How to Give New Life to an Old Android Smartphone

A lot of us really love our Android phones—so much so that we don’t always want to trade them in when our two-year contracts are ready to be renewed. The problem is that after two years of use, your phone can start to run a little slowly, thanks in large part to the digital detritus Read More of “How to Give New Life to an Old Android Smartphone”

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Why is LifeLine the BEST Franchise Opportunity for You?

If you have been looking for a business investment with excellent growth potential and dividends, LifeLine Repairs may be the best franchise opportunity to fit your needs. LifeLine Repairs has built up a thriving, successful brand of high volume, high margin Atlanta cell phone repair and service locations, differentiating itself from its competitors through a dedication to Read More of “Why is LifeLine the BEST Franchise Opportunity for You?”

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How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Replaceable batteries are becoming increasingly rare in smartphones, which makes it all the more essential for you to take steps to encourage your battery to last longer. Our Atlanta cell phone repair technicians have a few easy tips for you to follow to keep your smartphone’s battery happy and healthy for years to come. Top It Off Read More of “How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer”