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The iPhone 6 Versus the 6 Plus

With the release of its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple has created two new must-have phones for its fans. But how do these phones compare with each other? Our specialists in iPhone repair in Atlanta run down the differences between the two phones and offer advice for individuals who are torn between the models.

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At What Point Should I Upgrade My Laptop?

It seems like the second that you replace or upgrade your laptop, a newer, better laptop will come on the market or a sale will be announced on the model you purchased a few months later. It stings because a laptop is a sizeable investment, and you always want to have the best product for Read More of “At What Point Should I Upgrade My Laptop?”

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The Best Waterproof Phones Today

No matter how graceful you are, you’ve probably dropped your phone into the sink or toilet or spilled a drink on it. Sometimes it’s easy for our Atlanta phone repair specialists to fix a water damaged phone, but you always risk the phone getting damaged again by an accidental dunking or downpour. Fortunately, manufacturers have Read More of “The Best Waterproof Phones Today”

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Top 5 Tablets in 2014

There are many tablets on the market today, but some stand out from the competition. Our Atlanta iPad repair technicians have had a chance to look over and play with each of the tablets that came out this year, and they have ranked these as their top five picks.

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How To Make Your Computer Last

With the amazing advance of technology within the last 10 years alone, few people can imagine their lives without a personal computer and access to the Internet. While computer prices have generally remained within reasonable limits due to market competition, buying a new computer can still be an expensive endeavor. It makes perfect sense, therefore, Read More of “How To Make Your Computer Last”

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Screen Protectors: What They Can Do for You

Millions of people all over the world cannot live without their cellphones. Whether they use them primarily for personal or business reasons, they are ever at the ready for texts, calls and various online activities. Our experience offering cellphone repair in Atlanta gives us a unique perspective regarding the proper care and use of various Read More of “Screen Protectors: What They Can Do for You”

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Electronic Recyling: The Best Thing To Do with Your Outdated Electronics

The United States alone generates up to three million metric tons of electronic waste each year. This volume includes not only old computers but also cellular phones, video recording devices, game consoles and more. It seems every time a newer version of an electronic gadget comes on the market, consumers feel compelled to replace their Read More of “Electronic Recyling: The Best Thing To Do with Your Outdated Electronics”

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Ways To Improve Cellphone Signal and Quality

When faced with an emergency like a broken-down car, chances are you dig into your pocket and pull out that trusty cellphone. Despite the wealth of apps and features that modern smartphones support, the main reason everyone owns a mobile is ultimately to stay connected.

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Most Common Cellphone Problems

Despite the sleek, stylish talking trend that has dominated the globe, cellphones still give us grief from time to time. Many of us forget that the handheld device we often mistreat on the daily is incredibly expensive. You would be hard-pressed to find a new smartphone priced under $200 these days, and that figure is on Read More of “Most Common Cellphone Problems”

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4 Good Tips To Prevent Phone Damage

Cell phones are an expensive necessity. Sure, they are a dime a dozen these days and you can get pretty good deals by buying used models online or from your local classifieds, but most people prefer smartphones, which are pricey!