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iPhone 6s Rumors and Speculations

Peachtree City iPhone 6s

Are you anticipating the release of the iPhone 6s? We at LifeLine Repairs love all things tech, so naturally we’ve been following the buzz around this new Apple device. We’ve been searching for details about predicted features, possible launch dates and possible design specs. The release of a new device is always a fun event, Read More of “iPhone 6s Rumors and Speculations”

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The Good and Bad Sides of the Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

If you love phones as much as we do, you probably have been tracking the Galaxy s6 Active’s release. If you’re curious about the specs for the newest member of the Galaxy family, we’ve done the researching for you and have condensed it into a guide for you here. Love all things technology? Make sure Read More of “The Good and Bad Sides of the Galaxy S6 Active”

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6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your iPhone

iPhone tips and tricks

The beauty of owning an iPhone is the fact that no matter how much you think you know about your device, there are still a few things to learn. Even if you are tech savvy and have owned an iPhone since the first generation was released, you will be shocked at just how much you Read More of “6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your iPhone”

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7 Clever Ways to Re-Use Your Old Android

Old Android Uses | Lifeline Peachtree City

Android phones are a fantastic invention that can make anyone’s life easier. That being said, what do you do with your old phone after you’ve upgraded, moved on to a different model or after it no longer makes calls? Here are seven ideas that can help you get your old phone up and running again Read More of “7 Clever Ways to Re-Use Your Old Android”

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New Studies Show Samsung Still Dominating Apple in the Smartphone Market

Lifeline Houston - Samsung Smartphones

The war between Samsung and Apple is so ubiquitous that every tech fan or phone user often feels obligated to pick sides. On one side we have the instantly-recognizable Apple brand with its sleek form factor, highly-usable iOS and clean App Store filled with top-notch software. On the other side we have the increasingly large Read More of “New Studies Show Samsung Still Dominating Apple in the Smartphone Market”

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Get More Out of Facebook With These 7 Tips

Facebook Tips

If you have a smartphone, there’s a really good chance that you’re using at least some of your free time scrolling through your Facebook feed. You probably think you know all of the tips and tricks, but have you heard of these sneaky tips that you can use to make the most of your Facebook Read More of “Get More Out of Facebook With These 7 Tips”

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8 Tech Gadgets to Send Your Student Back to School With

Back to School Tech

It’s that time of year again – the time when the students are making their final plans of the summer and doing all of their back-to-school shopping. If you’ve got a student getting ready to go back to school or college, why not send them back in style with the hottest new tech gadgets? They’ll Read More of “8 Tech Gadgets to Send Your Student Back to School With”

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Unpacking the New Apple Updates

Lifeline Peachtree City Talks About Apple Updates

At its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June, Apple unveiled a preview of the two newest versions of its flagship operating systems: Mac OS X El Capitan and iOS 9. The tech giant followed the announcement by releasing the beta versions of both systems to developers, which means that the updates will soon be in Read More of “Unpacking the New Apple Updates”

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A Look at Music Streaming Services

Music Streaming Services

With the introduction of Apple Music from the most recognizable tech brand in the world, to artists banding together to form the groundbreaking Tidal, 2015 has emerged as the year of the subscription streaming music wars. Whichever platform appeals to you the most, don’t forget to take your broken mobile device to LifeLine, the leader Read More of “A Look at Music Streaming Services”

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Microsoft Announces Delay in Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 Update

Microsoft recently announced that although Windows 10 will be launching on July 29th, it will only be for a select number of users. Terry Myerson, VP of Operating Systems at Microsoft, explained in his blog post that due to the fact that they will be upgrading over 1 billion devices, they are going to roll Read More of “Microsoft Announces Delay in Windows 10 Update”